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19th July 2015
Preparing my monthly photographic waffle about things that 'have been' can be quite tiresome, and the whole process of trying to remember what I've done, finding and formatting pictures, uploading them, writing the links, then preparing an 'other language' version seems to take ages. I'd really like to make the thing a little more interesting, more of a story, as I feel it's much too boring and lacking in spark. But when I've tried to provide a more interesting narrative, it takes far longer to prepare, and feels contrived. So all you usually get from me is a partial chronology, a 'have done' list, which I suppose reflects the randomness of real life, but also leaves out all of life's non-photogenic parts.

I get a few nice messages from a couple of 'regulars' (thank you, you know who you are) who say that they enjoy reading my monologue, and each 'instalment' gets about 600 views during the first couple of weeks. Presumably people only read the post once, a very few might read both language versions. I'm extremely surprised that so many people actually read the thing at all, and the numbers for each version during the 'fresh' period are about 350 Welsh and 250 English. Gradually, over several months, the number reading the English version climbs, overtaking the Welsh. A thousand readers over an extended period may not sound like a great many, but the number of 'hits', especially to the Welsh version, surprises me, and always makes me want to 'do better next time'. But when the next time comes, it's the same old story - rush rush rush.

I've been updating this website regularly, in one form or another, for three years, so I've now decided to take a little break. I'm posting this 'half month' diary for July, then hopefully I'll return with a 'summer compendium' in September or October. So until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and thanks for reading, and happy holidays to you all.

The first half of July was quite a 'fun' time, especially as I enjoy doing book covers. One emerged in print recently and I was lucky enough to be asked to take a couple of others which will hopefully emerge in a few months or so.

I wonder if you recognise this chap? He'll bolt out of the Gomer stable towards the end of the year!

I spent a few days taking pictures for old friends and good causes (I presently have a blindingly bright halo).

We had a lovely walk in the sunshine and shade of Llandre's Poetry Path, taking pictures for a promotional leaflet. If you fancy a nice (steep in places) woodland walk, with more than a hint of local literature to brighten your day, follow the path which starts opposite the Llandre / Llanfihangel-genau'r-glyn church entrance.

There's plenty of room to park below the church, and a nearby heritage trail if you fancy that too. The church itself has beautiful windows, which are well worth seeing.

Upstairs, as you enter, there's a little gallery displaying work by local artists. Please do take a peek.

Llandre Poetry Path

The following day I had a great time at Tynrhyd, Devil's Bridge, which was opened by our local Plaid AM, Elin Jones. The event coincided with the arrival of the 'Lap of Wales Challenge' participants in four helicopters.

The very second we were about to take a group picture, the sun burst forth and created an instant, massive backlight problem, with not a second to spare to overcome the problem!

Siân, Tynrhyd, with Rhys Meirion.

Small local businesses took part, displaying their wares and services.

Crefftau'r Bwthyn.

Elin Jones, with a speech fit for an official opening.

Later, a 'noson lawen' (under cover, in the summer rain) included Leonardo and Alexandro from Patagonia singing in Spanish and Welsh.

Gregory Roberts and Côr Ger y Lli

Rhys Meirion and Sioned Terry

The talented young folk of Tynrhyd

My favourite picture of the day, Jon Bythaway carving an owl with his chainsaw

It was a poignant drama by Cwmni Na Nog which brought many a tear as it highlighted the Lap of Wales mission, which is to ignite discussion about the issue of organ donation.

I suppose the highlight of the month was a visit to the centre court at Wimbledon quarter finals. We had seats up in the 'gods', which provided a reasonable view of the court and the arena.

Rain in Wimbledon too. Who'd have thought

A good crowd

Djokovic v Cilic

Too far away to see who was in the Royal Box.

Henman Hill, or Murray Mount

The callenge we later faced had nothing to do with sport, but all to do with the tube strike, which was heralded by gloomy headlines such as 'the worst disruption in London for 20 years'. True words.

Earls Court tube station, shut. It took over three hours in the baking heat to get from there to Euston on our way back home.

Following on the next day from the dust and heat of London to a brief kayking trip in Cardigan Bay. The picture does not do justice to the horrible swell, which abated just long enough for me to grab this one picture. I'll be much more wary of this stretch of water at the turn of the tide from now on!

Aber too far today!

There's been a big increase recently in activity at the agency I supply, with more licensing and more views than ever. One of the 'sales' was for a double page spread in a Russian magazine. If you happen to be in Russia, and stumble upon a magazine with this picture, please keep a copy for me!

King's College, Cambridge. When the agency and distributor have gobbled their part of the cake (70%), I should have enough left for a small latte. That will probably be in six to twelve months, if the payment ever actually materializes.

We attended a lovely wedding (Lois and Shôn), and I sneaked a few shots without treading on the toes of the official photographer and videographers.

Beautiful! - and the bride looks very nice too ;-)

Lois gliding by the immaculate 'Carlton Lotus' belonging to 'Taclau Taid' a motor and farming museum on Anglesey.

I suppose I am required to finish with another Clarach sunset!

Thanks for reading



Photo comment By Sian H Price: Lluniau gwych!
Photo comment By Amelia Davies: Adroddiad a lluniau gwych, diddorol a llawn amrywiaeth...wrth fy modd yn darllen dy hanesion i gyd! / superb photographs and great 'stories' - I love reading them all in Welsh and English...roll on end of summer / Mae gen ti fwy o amynedd na fi i wmeud hyn. Amelia

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